NEMO (New Economic Model for the Oceans) is a partnership between The Royal College of Art (RCA) and Extreme E which provides data to designers investigating environmental sustainability, plastic pollution, loss of marine habitats and new ocean economies. The RCA asked us to create a sensor package mounted on the Extreme E transport ship - the St Helena - to record several weeks of high-resolution footage, allowing them to conduct research on the world's oceans. 
Over six weeks we designed, tested and assembled a marine-grade camera system to monitor and record the surface of the ocean on a 10,000km journey across the North Atlantic, starting in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. The camera system had to be tough enough to  withstand temperatures of -10C to +40C, hurricane-force winds and 11ft Atlantic waves, all while continuously recording to a 32TB storage drive. 
The product aesthetic was inspired by the arctic, glacial landscape of Greenland and the visual language of crew binoculars looking out to sea.
Greenland images courtesy of Professor Ashley Hall
Collaboration with Peter Krige and James Wright